3D Printed Makie, from MakieLabs.

One of a kind, unique. MakieLabs is no longer an active company.



Fáelán is one of the most curious Makies in this house. He's the only one not scared to venture out and meet other people and visit other places.


He has a great love for movies, Star Wars is his favorite series. He collects all sorts of Star Wars memorabilia and displays them in his room and display cabinet. He loves to visit a museum, to learn new things about almost any subject. He has a love for animals (although most are bigger than him) and visits zoo's when possible.


At Little Mates, Fáelán is the tester. He tests new ideas, new builds. He also welcomes all new Mates.

Best photo's of Fáelán


Fáelán has gone out and about quite a lot. Here are some of his best pictures.

October 31st, 2015. Drenthe, The Netherlands. This picture was taken at Wonderwereld. It had an exhibit themed around fantasy creatures. Fáelán had an interesting chat with the old man of the forest.

December 14, 2016. Uithoorn, The Netherlands. Fáelán lent a hand at decorating the Christmas tree. He's been decorating the tree ever since.

March 3, 2016. Utrecht, The Netherlands. Picture was taken at the first Dutch ComicCon. Don't know who's more interested in each other; Fáelán at Ecto-1, or the Buster at Fáelán. Was a great day!