Charles's Creature Cabinet

Charles' Creature Cabinet


Fidelia Firefly Fairies • Trolls • Pigs • Anthro BJD's • and more


The Ball-Jointed Dolls & Designer Toys (Limited Editions) of Artist ~ Charles Grimberg-Stephan ~

Owner, Character Designer, Sculptor & Doll Artist


Bio – Charles Grimberg-Stephan was born in Spijkenisse, The Netherlands. Both his parents are mixed European (Dutch, French) x Asian (Javanese, Japanese) and were born in Jakarta, Indonesia. He’s been drawing and sculpting from a very young age. Charles held several solo exhibitions (pig art & character design) and is the author and illustrator of Van minivarken tot grote vriend. From September 1999 ‘til 2004 Charles was the Chief Editor of the Dutch pet pig magazine ‘t Knorrende Stopcontact. His art work includes character and conceptual design, water colour drawings, paintings and sculpting. Charles is renowned through his ‘pig art’ and he is the creator/designer of Alice Cherry Blossom (pig anthro ball-jointed doll, joint project with Elf Doll Inc. 2007). He has made figurines and OOAK Sculpts and specializes in making his own line of artist - ball-jointed dolls and designer toys.


Charles established the first Netherlands based ball-jointed doll company "Charles’ Creature Cabinet" in Autumn 2008.


"If You Enchant Yourself, Other's Will Be Too"


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