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Meet the Little Mates


Makies • Trolls • Fairies • Wonder Frog • and more


Little Mates are all little friends that live under the same roof. Although each has their own story (or stories), they all share the same living space. Which, of course, often leads to new stories or combined adventures.



Creative mind. Fantasy filled. Imagination runs high.

On one hand, I love my dolls. Not for being dolls. They are my little friends, hence this site. They are truly my Little Mates.

On the other hand, I love being creative. My little mates are needy, demanding and sometimes outright spoiled brats. I love to create new things for them. This site also explores these creative projects.



When I read about Makies, I got excited! They are 3D printed, with customized heads. When you play videogames and spent a lot of time customizing your main character, you know what I mean when I say "sliders". Makies offered a wide range of sliders to adjust and thus create custom characters. While I was new to the whole "doll" world, I played a bit and ordered Vencka first. I was really happy with her and many others followed. Sadly, as of 2015 MakieLab, the company that made Makies, is no longer. So my crew of six is now well loved and even more special.



The oldest. The first. And therefor the most special one. She thinks so too. When she was designed, I couldn't wait to see her. I bought her dresses and shoes and whatnot. Only to learn that "those are too girly" when she arrived.



Fáelán is my second. My first boy. I wanted even numbers. How great he turned out to be! Yes, I had plans for him too. But waited a bit longer for him to arrive and tell his needs. So his changes after arrival are minor.




After I modded little Fáelán a bit, I felt confident enough to take the next step and dye a Makie. Malice was designed and printed as a Drow. A Dark Elf with a malicious character. She needed to be dyed but I was really scared about that whole process. I must say, she does look awesome!




After Malice got dyed, I really needed another boy. Equal numbers, you know. I learned that Makies would move shop and close for a while and ordered Slug. He will eventually turn Orc or Ogre, as I wanted him to be a companion for Malice. As a bridge between worlds or something.




Skye came to me as a surprise gift. I must say, the best gift ever! She immediately went to the suitcase of dresses (Vencka Rejects) and loved all the pinks and reds. Yay!




This boy was a gift too. How wonderful! I wanted another boy for ages, to dye as well. Most Makies told their names soon after or just before arrival, but this one is a mystery. He arrived in September, but even in February his name still isn't known. He did change a bit.